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Mistress Genevieve

Important: Ocean City and New Orleans

After all that is happening with Ocean City and Black Rose, we have the simular event happening in New Orlean's out lying area of Kenner.

Please let our numbers be heard...
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fetish In The Fall (http://fetishinthefall.com)had brought a great many people the oppritunity to go to a ton of work shops and fetish balls over the weekend.

Despite the reputation of new Orleans for being so free, it is very closed minded...that is usually tourist hype.

The politician and police department that threatened and black listed all attenders and businesses that were working with the ball must realise that we are a far larger community than they think.

95% of our population is in the closet...and only further so due to biggots such as these.

The hotel was to be completely and solely occupied by the attenders of FIF. Kenner is no place for public scenes, and with New Orleans being only minutes away, why would they expect revelers to publically play in the local area. The weekend was planned minute by minute to always have a choice of lectures, demos, and performances to attend. And if you were to be uninterested, who would hang out in Kenner rather than drive the short commute to new Orleans where we would be widely accepted.

We need to let them know that we are your spouses, your family members, your neighbors, your doctors, your politicians. We are everywhere, and we often are private and discrete due to prejudices, but we are not a threat. And upon closer self inspection you might realize you aren't so different than we are.

Mistress Genevieve
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