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Bruce MacLachlan

New erotica

By me, and available at

For those who are interested, there’s a summary, exert, and NWS cover photo under yonder LJ cut

Available both as 'Hard Copy' & as an Electronic Download to your P.C.

Samantha is a street girl, earning her living as best she can, when she is approached by the enigmatic, powerful and dominant Lady Morgana who offers a substantial amount of money to go home with her. Caution is overruled by the fact that Samantha is short of cash that week and so walks into a whole new world of lesbian love, bondage and pain. It is a world she is soon to make her own!

From the book:
'... 'Kneel here! Legs apart!' ordered Morgana and patted an area up by the head of the bed.
Samantha complied and as she faced the pillows, her shins were set near parallel to each other and aimed slightly at the bottom corners. Rope was swiftly knotted to the heavy D rings in the fetters and stretched out to the corner posts at the bottom. Morgana created a swift weave to anchor them and then returned to bring Samantha's hands behind her. Rope was threaded through the rings until the center of the coil was responsible for holding the two manacles together. Morgana flung the coil between Samantha's legs and to the head of the bed. She then took hold of her shoulders and laid her gently back onto the covers. Samantha could see what was coming and tried to ready herself to accept it without dissent.
Morgana pulled the rope and drew Samantha's bound arms towards the top of the bed. Her chest arched upward into a spectacular bow and she gave a soft whimper of discomfort from the pose. The rope was tied off and she clawed at the bonds and tried to shift her restrained and folded legs. ..'
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