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New book

Lady Morgana’s Slavegirl
By Bruce McLachlan

Samantha’s life is in ruins when a mysterious woman who calls herself Lady Morgana unexpectedly delivers her from the streets. Seduced by the wealthy and enigmatic executive, Samantha finds herself spiralling helplessly into a world of debauched passion and sensual excess. Her submissive nature is nurtured and tested through numerous exquisite ordeals and Samantha swiftly becomes lost to the ownership of others.

At this time, the ruthless and devious Master Talon enters their lives along with his harem of slaves, each named after the deadly sin that they personify. During a weekend of pony play, strict domination, and relentless bondage at a remote ranch and mansion, Samantha and Lady Morgana start to surrender themselves to his dominion. A final depraved ordeal is prepared and it will determine the fate of both slave and Mistress.

Cover and Exert

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From the Book…

‘ ... ‘Good pony. Now slow down. Walk!’ he ordered.

The end of the whip reached forward as Tom moved out in front of her. Threatening taps to her vulnerable breasts brought immediate compliance and Samantha eased to a walk. Her knees jumped up with each proud step and she began to calm her panting breaths.

‘Very good, pony. Now get ready, here we go again,’ said Talon and the end of the whip retreated to take its poised position behind her.

Samantha was goaded towards a queue of beams. She made the first with ease and the second with a little more difficulty. She leapt over the third and staggered for a few steps. Pride in her status as a competent pony grabbed her ailing equilibrium and strength and her thighs found new life. With a flurry of stern steps, she managed to stop her fall and prance forward into a balanced dash.

‘Excellent. Very well done, pony!’ he announced.

Talon had Samantha take on several more jumps that were nowhere near as challenging as the trio and so she made them with ease. She feared that he might give her a final impossible feat to attempt, but she had impressed him with her performance and he knew that she reached her limits. ...’

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