emlab (emlab) wrote in sadists,

hello sexy people

Hi, I hope I am not breaking any community rules with this post. I joined some time ago because despite the fact that I am not in the "scene" any more I want to keep up with my interests. I have some equipment and books that I would like to offer if anyone would like to add to their collection. I understand that fetish-play is a very intimate experience and used equipment is not always appreciated, but I spent $600 outfitting myself and i hate for others to do the same when a little rubbing alcohol will do the trick. thanks for your consideration and if you are interested, check out my website; www.emlabs-ebay.info and make an offer. i haven't put any of this on ebay because i wanted the community to take a look first.
P.S. i really miss getting slapped in the face and fucked in the ass but I am a caretaker for my grandparents at present and must put my dirty desires on hold. ; )
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